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Our Goals


We dedicate ourselves to Poly and believe that all members of our community deserve job security. Through collective bargaining, we can secure what employees at other unionized private schools already enjoy: a tenure system for faculty, a "just cause" provision for termination, and a fair grievance procedure for employees who feel they were let go unfairly. Having a union in which we can negotiate these terms allows us to continue giving our all to the community we call home.


A union is equity in practice. Our school has invested in making equity a core part of Poly’s identity, and we believe that a robust union goes hand in hand with these values. A union will ensure that employees have a voice in negotiations, and allow us to advocate for an end to practices that research has demonstrated are inequitable, such as individual salary negotiations.


Unions are the best tool a workplace has for creating balance where there is unbalance, and creating fairness where there is unfairness. We aren't looking to make the rules; we want to be part of the conversation where the rules are made. Currently, the administration has 100% of the power over the school- that leaves us with 0%. The students we serve constantly learn lessons about how important it is to be fair, just, and equitable in how we treat others. We believe they deserve a school that acts on these values, not just teaches them.


We believe that a union is the most effective way to hold our administration accountable to deliver on their promises. In our experience at the school, we have seen many positive changes come and go. The legal power a union holds would mean we finally have the tools to make sure these positive changes stay- for good, this time.


It is encouraging that the push toward a union has already begun to create change here at Poly. We have seen increased attempts by the administration to engage with the needs expressed by our community, such as some transparency about salary ranges. This is a step in the right direction, as it opens a conversation about what is - and isn't - fair compensation for the hard work we all do. This is just the start; imagine what a union will be able to do once it’s voted in and really gets going!

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